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The FinkielkrautsFrance / Big Beat / Religious / Rock

The Finkielkrauts / © Manuel Devier

© Manuel Devier

Formed in an informal way in Tours during the summer 2008, The Finkielkrauts was not planned to last. Months later, due to a meeting with Rubin Steiner, the Finkielkrauts turned out their first EP, Distance, which had unanimous support from the critics as well as from the audience. The distance is what characterized the band whose five members are based all over the French territory. This distance requires an emergency imperative, to meet, compose and tour. Many elements which should be restrictive but which on the contrary built the artistic identity of the band whose relaxed strictness drove them to record a new Ep in 2011, Smog. Cousin of Wire, Electric Electric, The Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster or Cheveu, the Finkielkrauts are just themselves and show it in the best way during some crazy live.

Video clip: Technocrat