Special Events

Reggae-Groove'N Beat Party


Friday, April 27th - 18:00 > 02:00 - Le Phénix venue / Le Palais d'Auron venue - 33€

The Black Seeds, DJ Pharoah, General Elektriks, Hollie Cook, Zebda, Tinariwen, Nneka, Tarrus Riley, Groundation, Ky-Mani Marley, Danakil

The Idea is simple: you get there in the late afternoon, and for 8 hours you groove to da riddim. Reggae from all over Jamaica and the occident, extraterrestrial funk, Tuareg beats, hip hop melodies and much more. Ten artists and groups in the same billing with among others Ky-Mani Marley, Tinariwen, Danakil, Nneka, The Black Seeds, as well as the great cauldron of ska-chanson-rock that is Zebda…

Rock'N Beat Party


Saturday, April 28th - 20:00 > 05:00 - Le Phénix venue / Le Palais d'Auron venue - 30€

The Pack A.D., Skip The Use, Dope D.O.D, Yuksek, Who Made Who, The Rapture, Huoratron, C2C, Gesaffelstein, Surkin, Don Rimini, Birdy Nam Nam, Erol Alkan

It was pure inspiration the day that the Rock'N Beat Party was invented. Now, for the fourth consecutive year, the most passionate music is put together for a night of sweat and pleasure on stage at the Phénix and the Palais d'Auron. DJ's Guitarists, and music swingers mix in an orgy of sound, with among others Birdy Nam Nam, Yuksek, Skip The Use, The Rapture, C2C and the most sought after electro sets of the year.

Création "A Walk for Lhasa"


Wednesday, April 25th - 21:00 > 22:30 - Le Théâtre Jacques Coeur venue - 29€


Thursday, April 26th - 21:00 > 22:30 - Le Théâtre Jacques Coeur venue - 29€ - Sold Out


Friday, April 27th - 21:00 > 22:30 - Le Théâtre Jacques Coeur venue - 29€ - Sold Out

Patrick Watson, Arthur H, The Barr Borthers, L, Emily Loizeau, Sonia Wieder-Atherton, Ayin De Sela, Miriam De Sela, Sky De Sela, Alejandra Ribera.

We miss Lhasa de Sela. Her voice, her music, her texts. Her laughter, her beauty. Her modesty, her integrity. To help fill this void, multiple artists will come together for three concerts dedicated to a big sister, a little sister, an intimate friend, a friend in our thoughts, a wonderful artist, a wonderful woman. Patrick Watson lived as she did in Montréal and dedicated a song called Snow Day to her. Arthur H stayed with her when he traveled to Québec, and recorded a duet with Llasa on a song of his that she particularly liked called On rit encore, and dedicated his song Dis moi tout. The Barr Brothers were the group that Lhasa recorded her third album, and performed her last concert in Paris at Bouffes du Nord with, and they dedicated the song Cloud to her. Emily Loizeau might have crossed paths with Lhasa, and her cousins did the illustrations for the album The Living Road, and she dedicated a song from her upcoming album to her. L would have liked to meet Lhasa and does a cover of Love Came Here during her concerts. Alejandra Ribera made a cover of the song El Desierto for the tribute to Lhasa in Montréal in January 2012, a song that she will sing again for these 3 shows . Sonia Wieder-Atherton was deeply moved by Lhasa's voice when she heard her for the fist time last august, and she decided to rework her songs using the violoncello. Ayin, Miriam et Sky De Sela, Lhasa's sisters, are circus artists, grew up with her in Mexico and the U.S.A, live in a village in Bourgogne called Montréal, and dedicated a choreographed walk to Lhasa.