Le 22 Ouest venue - Le forfait 15€ avec le spectacle N°29

12:00 > 15:30

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Shiko ShikoNord-Pas-de-Calais / Rock-pop-fusion

Shiko Shiko / © Christophe Bardey

© Christophe Bardey

Gilles, Arekushi Taiko, Furansisu and Yamaneko play a music that is cerebral and instinctive all at the same time. The brut rock of Shiko Shiko surpasses any idea of genre or style: noise is pierced by glowing aerial melodies, an industrial rhythmic takes on the allure of ancestral rites, as if warrior voices cheerfully singing, a fervent and dense experience

Formation: Master of Ceremony, keytar, floor tom, dirty bass, noises, drums, guitars, electronic, cowbells

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