Le 22 Ouest venue - Le forfait 15€ avec le spectacle N°31

12:00 > 15:30

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Hyphen HyphenPACA / Rock-pop-fusion

Hyphen Hyphen / © DR

© DR

Santa, Line, Puss and Zak were studying art plastics or at the conservatory of Nice, when they founded Hyphen Hyphen, a group that has been the talk of the town in recent months. It's true that somewhere between LCD Soundsytem and Talking heads, between Metronomy and the Klaxons, they have already lit up the dance floor with their frenzied pop that is complemented by brilliant and ingenious vocals.

Formation: Vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, laptop

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Romain Vigna
Phone : +33 (0)7 60 52 62 90
Mail : romainvigna@yahoo.fr

Video clip: Tlv nice 6