Le 22 Ouest venue - Le forfait 15€ avec le spectacle N°29

12:00 > 15:30

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Great Mountain FireBelgium / Rock-pop-fusion

Great Mountain Fire / © Sarah Morrissens

© Sarah Morrissens

If you were looking for a child conceived between the Grateful Dead and Ratatat, it would be Great Mountain Fire, a group hailing from Brussels with a rock that makes you dance relentlessly. These five musicians build up songs with complex structures that are immediately legible between their patchwork of disco motifs and rigorous rock. A soft craziness, concerned melancholia, radiant drunkenness, a beautiful palette of emotions…

Formation: Vocals, bass, guitars, keyboards, drums

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Julien Galoy
Phone: +32 (0)4 83 02 65 10
Mail : juliengaloy@ gmail.com

Video clip: Late Lights (live)