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Emel MathlouthiFrance / Tunisia / Orientale-Rock

Emel Mathlouthi / © Azza Béji - Ghaith Arfaoui

© Azza Béji - Ghaith Arfaoui

She is similar to Joan Baez, PJ Harvey and Dead Can Dance, all while keeping her Tunisian identity and her desire for freedom… Emel Mathlouthi transcribed the immense revolution of her people, all of this without becoming politically active on television platforms: she is first and foremost an artist, even if her conscience is always guiding her pen and her voice. From rock (a little on the Goth side) and her engineering studies, she has given a number of symbolic songs to the young Tunisian democracy.

Meet Emel Mathlouthi for a showcase and session of dedication on Samedi 28th April at 3pm at Fnac - Bourges.

Video clip: Ma Lkit