Le Printemps de Bourges - Next edition from April 23rd to 28th 2013

Conferences and professional get-togethers

Conferences and professional get-togethers

Les Formations d'Issoudun

Entrance only for authorized professionals (admission subject to availability). The conferences are organized in collaboration with the Formations d'Issoudun.

Wednesday April, 25th


4pm / 5 pm - Auditorium reception's space - Conference presented by the SPEDIDAM

La SPEDIDAM: How can the author's rights and income work on the internet?

Stakeholders: Jean Paul Bazin President of the SPEDIDAM - François Nowak Administrative and Financial Director

During this conference, Jean-Paul Bazin President and François Nowak Administrative and Financial Director will introduce the SPEDIDAM (Society of collecting and distribution of artists and interpreters rights) and its cultural action through funds dedicated to creation, shows, and the formation of artists.

They will expose the SPEDIDAM position about the future of the artists' income on the internet which is a serious issue. Some solutions will be underlined regarding this unfair situation.

The SPEDIDAM created in 1959 by five musician artists is a society of collective management of the intellectual property rights of the interpreter artists. In 2010, the SPEDIDAM distributed rights to 74 000 artists, among them, more than 31 000 were its associates and has also took part into the funding of more than 1 576 cultural projects.

Thursday April, 26th

11am / 12.30am - Amphi - Conference in collaboration with the Collectif Bar-Bar

The artistic employment assistance has been launched in the Cafés-culture !!!

In 2008, the first national meetings of the Cafés-cultures took place at the Bis in Nantes. These meetings were followed by the creation of « the national platform of the Cafés-culture ». These platforms have been working for the last four years on some concrete solutions to offer to the artists and the Cafés-cultures. The first part of the artistic employment assistance was experimented during the first semester of 2012 in Pays de La Loire before being extended to the rest of the national territory. This conference will present the range of solutions underlined by the platform and more precisely how the artistic employment assistance works.


4pm / 6pm - Auditorium reception's space - conference presented by the SACEM

1st part: Copyright in live performance in 2011, assessment and prospects

Figures: Copyright in live performance in 2011, assessment and prospects, with for the first time a focus on music festivals.

By Claire Giraudin, external relations and strategic analysis delegate (SACEM)

2nd part: Festivals in France: economical situation and sector's evolutions

Professional round table conference dedicated to festivals, to their economical situation and to the sector's evolutions.


4.30pm / 6.30pm - Amphi - Professional meeting organized by Avant Mardi, Tagada Tsoin Tsoin and the UDCM

Interregionality: New key of distribution and artists' development?

The two regional networks Avant Mardi and Tagada Tsoin Tsoin, together with the UDCM, will discuss the interregional distribution of comtemporary music through its technical, artistic and financial issues., based on the AOC Musique operation set in the following regions: Midi-Pyrénées, Rhône-Alpes and Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur).

Friday April, 27th


11 / 12.30am - Amphi - conference presented by the CNV

CNV indicators for the concert halls

Presentation from the CNV « Concert halls diffusion »

After the work led on the indicators « Festivals » and « Shows production », the CNV will present a survey of small and middle size halls, specialized in contemporary music diffusion. This study was carried out in 2010 among 104 places classified by the CNV commission 7 « Aide à la diffusion ». It aims at giving factual elements and reflection keys on the broadcasting economy of these places. A typology of the places will be presented in order to allow a significant analysis of these indicators (ticket booth receipts, audiences, ticket average price...)

Repartition and amounts of artistic contracts, concentration and broadcasting diversity questions will be addressed as well as a presentation of established evolutions.

Contact: Corinne BRET - corinne.bret@cnv.fr - Phone: +33 (0)1 56 69 11 40

Bureau Export

11am / 3 pm - Auditorium reception's space

International professional meetings in partnership with the Bureau Export

The international professionals invited by the Bureau Export will meet the French professionals during some individual and specific meetings.

Registration is mandatory before these meetings. The admissions are subjected to availability, thank you for sending your registration before the 10th of April 2012 to Aude Tilette (Bureau Export in Paris): aude.t@french-music.org - Phone: +33 (0)1 49 29 52 11.


4pm / 6 pm - Amphi Conference submitted by the PRODISS

The 12th of March 2012 legislation punishes the illegal resale of shows tickets.

Tickets retailed at an expensive price, speculation about sold out shows, swindling on class tickets... the black market of show tickets presents many examples...The PRODISS in collaboration with more than 100 artists achieved in convincing the government and the members of Parliament to put an end to this scandalous practical.

Any resale of tickets made under an unusual way can now be punished by the article 313-6-2 of the Code penal.

The Prodiss will present its project to enhance the application of the law and invite the public authorities, the partners of media and new technologies to get together on a strong project in favour of the audience.

Which preventive action should be put in place? How can they be driven toward the « allowed » distributors? What can be done in case a spectator would have been abused by an illegal ticket?

4pm / 6 pm - Auditorium reception's space - Conference organised by the Pole

The position of « artist' developers » in field of contemporary music.

The expression « artists' developers » refers to these essential actors for the development of the artists located in region. Who are these developers? What is their economical importance? How do they work with the other members of the musical sector? The Flash inquiry of the contemporary musics' Pole of Les Pays de La Loire will be published during le Printemps de Bourges answers to all these questions.

The conclusions driven by the Pole inquiry will be completed by the testimonies of Mila (study about the labels) and the CNV, and debated with the other actors of the musical sector. Among the questions discussed, the career development of the artists, the process of creation and its value from an artistic as well as economic perspective, the links with the producers and broadcasters as well as the specific economic model implied.

Stakeholders: Romain Pierre (Vlad - artists' developer), Laurent Leparoux (Dékalage Management - artists' developer), Ludovic Jouet (L'Igloo - artists' developer), Emmanuel PARENT, in charge of observing at the Pôle), Sébastien Berthe (in charge of studies CNV), Joran Le Corre (Wart), Frédéric NEFF (Mila)...

Animator: Anne Loussouarn (PRMA Poitou Charente)

Saturday April, 28th


11am / 12.30 am - Amphi - Conference proposed by the MAP

The business of independent actors in contemporary music: which are the links with the public policies and their restructuring?

Nowadays, what does « being independent » mean, as a structure or as another actor of contemporary music? Which are the likely opportunities of evolving for an independent structure in the contemporary music sector without the public authorities' support?

In front of the administrative restrictions, is there a contradiction? This financial support is given according some restrictions which can be hurtful for the small structures which need this financial support. Which is the impact of this situation on the financial health of the independent actors?

Why in 2012 whereas contemporary music is famous among the French population for its cultural and social importance, the actors of this sector are barely helped by the public authorities? Why do these actors have to fight to show the importance of their needs whereas some of them have been existing for years, well known and famous? Which are the obstacles to the public authorities trust? Is a deeper involvement possible?

Renaud Barillet - General Director of la Bellevilloise, President of MAP
Frantz Steinbach - General Director of D6F Eiditons/ IPanema Music, Administrator of PIAF, Vice-President of MAP
Elodie Mermoz - Scheduler of Kiosquorama Festival and the Dame of Canton, Member of the MAP Office
Charlotte Nansot - Director of Add it Up Productions, Administrator of MAP
Alice Vivier - Director of the Loge, Administrator of MAP

Crédit Mutuel

3pm / 5pm - Amphi - Meeting organized by the Crédit Mutuel

When a songwriter let you speak...

Meeting with Jean Fauque led by Lionel Truc (Sacem public relationship)

Major writer of the chanson française from Alain Bashung, with whom he wrote among others, Osez Joséphine, Ma petite enterprise, la nuit je mens...to Jacques Dutronc, Johnny Hallyday, Vanessa Paradis, Marc Lavoine, Patricia Kaas, Anggun, Alizée, Astonvilla, Dani, Dick Rivers, Rachid Taha and many others, his collaborations were crowned with success, notably more than 10 Victoires de la Musique. Also perfomer, his album « 13 Aurores » (EMI), released in 2008, was composed and performed by prestigious pianists.

He will be glad to chat with the audience about his career, tell anecdotes, about the mystery hidden behind the lyrics and song writing in general.

Les Formations d'Issoudun

First formation centre to musical career since 1989 « Les Formations d'Issoudun » propose 3 long formations: Production Assistant, Production manager, Backliner technician. Given its quality of formation and its network, LFI is acknowledged to be a reference in the professional sector.