The Printemps awakens the season

2012: an election year, a year of collective challenges and profound national questions? The winter brought lots of talk about the crisis, uncertainties, and worries. Here comes the Printemps with its fantastic whirlwind of music, its pleasures, its sharing and its hope. During six days, our festival brings together and unites throughout the city and by all manners: 140 artists and groups in the seven festival venues, 150 groups on the four free outdoor stages that stretch from the Auron river banks to the place Séraucourt, and even more in the twenty bars in Bourges that participate in Printemps in the city.

Is it what you would call a habitual Printemps? Let us say, rather: a Printemps that, as usual, changes and innovates... a new venue with acoustic concerts in the salon d'honneur of the historic Hotel de Ville, with a view of the Cathedral. A stage with a beautiful selection of new features with the 32 Découvertes of Printemps de Bourges and Crédit Mutuel, chosen from the 3800 submissions of the Réseau Printemps and its unique network that is distributed throughout France.

This year, the town center will once again be closed to traffic at night, allowing for more freedom. We must thank our public and private sponsors, who allow us to maintain ticket prices at a more than reasonable level (keep it to yourselves because it is a secret, without them, tickets would cost three times more expensive).

Thus, everyday, there will be surprises and events of all genres and all esthetics. The enormous reggae-groove'n'beat party on Friday, (Tinariwen, Ky-Mani Marley, Zebda, Danakil...) and the rock'n'beat party on Saturday (Birdy Nam Nam, Yuksek, Skip the Use, The Rapture...) at the Phénix and the Palais D'Auron, everyday will bring out the big stars of today (Dionysos, Shaka Ponk, Bénabar, Camille, Brigitte, Izia, Daniel Darc, Charlie Winston, La Grande Sophie...), and new leading artists of tomorrow (King Krule, Dominique Young Unique, Bernhoft...), Dominique A who will replay La Fossette, his first album, Oxmo Puccino in an acoustic trio, classy French pop (Revolver, Barbara Carlotti, Alex Beaupain...), a night of French rap and much more...

With A Walk for Lhasa, a creation that will be performed three times at the Théâtre Jacques-Coeur, our festival remembers an angel who delighted us; Arthur H, L, Emily Loizeau, Patrick Watson, Sonia Wieder-Atherton, The Barr Brothers et Ayn, Miriam et Sky, her three sisters that are circus artists, pay tribute to Lhasa de Sela, who left us two years ago. All of this serves as a reminder that there will always be a Printemps after the winter.

Have a great Festival!

D. C.