Le Printemps in the City

Live concerts in bars

During the afternoon, music starts and can be heard all over Bourges city centre.
About a hundred bands play all week in twenty different bars, turning the shopping area into a friendly side festival. In just a few years, the dozens daily concerts have drawn thousands of young festival goers (and older ones too!) around those bars turning them into what is now known as Printemps in the City, making it an outstanding label on the French festival scene.

Restaurants « a la mode »

25 restaurants have gone into partnership with Printemps de Bourges to be part of the association labelled Printemps in the City (Printemps dans la ville).. Eating out in partner restaurants guarantees you a warm welcome (and even special privileges!) whether you are a festivalgoer, an artist, a professional, a journalist or a partner... And you will even be given a collector's Printemps de Bourges 2012 placemat!

Printemps in the City is a happy add-on to the festival, but don't forget the important road safety instruction:
« Don't drink and drive and name a designated driver! ».
For more information please call +33 (0)2 48 27 28 29 (ask to speak with a PR representative)